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Balloons Are Precious

While on a mission trip in Burkina Faso we gave away some balloons to some of the children who were in the local area where we were working.

All the children were clearly absolutely delighted to have something that they saw as very valuable.

I watched the attitude of different children towards the balloons and observed an incredible variety of reactions. Some took the balloon away by themselves and protected it; trying to preserve it from the inevitable end of all balloons; either it would pop or gradually deflate. Others played with it by themselves; however the group who got the most pleasure from that inflated piece of rubber were the ones who played games with other children. Inevitably the balloon eventually popped but huge fun was had in the meantime.

Balloons are designed to be played with and keeping them to ourselves may seem like a good idea – we will have it for longer – but ultimately the ones who share are the ones who benefit most.

As I watched this became a lesson for me about the good news of Jesus; a precious thing that must be shared to achieve its full potential. Some people receive the gift of the gospel of Jesus and hold it to themselves; the way to really enjoy it is to see your friends and family sharing in it with you.

Unlike a balloon the gospel does not go bang the moment it is put under pressure – instead it is able to withstand the pressure and change of this world and never be destroyed or deflated. Put your confidence in the gospel it never changes and is for the benefit of you and all who are around you. Speak often of the gift you have been given – invite others to share with you the gift of God – let people see in you the gift of great value that you have been given.

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